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Meditations #AdventWord

How I Advent Word

  • I have been writing Haiku Prayers for a while. The Advent Word is a great way for me to take part in the larger community as, each day, the focus is a similar word that gets explored in pictures of all kinds. Read More
    Haiku Prayers
    John W. Stevens
  • We post on Twitter using #AdventWord and we post on your FB page. We also post on our own FB page so our followers can see how we are connecting with the global community. Read More
    Social Media Quotes
    St. Martin’s Anglican Church
  • I choose to post the daily Advent Word meditations along with an appropriate photo from my own collection. If the translations are available, I post the meditations in both Mandarin Chinese and English. Read More
    Multi Lingual Social Media Mediations
    Catherine Lee