AdventWord Resources and Frequently Asked Questions


On Twitter & Instagram tag images and posts with #adventword & the tag for the day. Make sure that there is a space between the tags for example: #adventword #shine. On Facebook go to the AdventWord Page and write on page using #adventword & the tag for the day.


Clergy, Educators & Youth Leaders

Ask your congregants to send in pictures that resonate with the word and image of the day. Tag them #adventword and the day’s word so they can see one another’s inspirations.

Encourage parishioners to signup.

Download posters and bulletin inserts: (available soon!)

  • Website announcement image: 403x403px
  • Button for Advent use: 403x403px
  • Button with Word List: 403x403px
  • Download PDF of the Advent Triptych
  • Poster PDF – suitable for noticeboards
  • Word doc (Text and images from Poster and Flyer)

In Advance

If you want to get your images ready in advance here’s a cheat sheet –
Tag with #Adventword AND …

  • 3 Dec   #Awaken
  • 4 Dec   #Journey
  • 5 Dec   #Gather
  • 6 Dec   #Simplify
  • 7 Dec   #Heal
  • 8 Dec   #Mend
  • 9 Dec   #Focus
  • 10 Dec #Prepare
  • 11 Dec   #Messenger
  • 12 Dec   #Watch
  • 13 Dec   #Voice
  • 14 Dec   #Wilderness
  • 15 Dec   #Trust
  • 16 Dec  #Among
  • 17 Dec   #Light
  • 18 Dec  #Dazzle
  • 19 Dec   #Open
  • 20 Dec  #Embrace
  • 21 Dec   #Renew
  • 22 Dec   #Greeting
  • 23 Dec   #Child
  • 24 Dec   #Believe
  • 25 Dec   #Celebrate

Please remember that any image that you send will be public. Please be respectful of people’s privacy. Thank you.

Questions? Please contact:

Virginia Theological Seminary
3737 Seminary Road, Alexandria, VA  22304 USA

What does the daily email do?

When you sign up you will receive a daily meditation from AdventWord, authored in 2017 by faculty members of Virginia Theological Seminary, an Episcopal community. At 5am every morning you will get a message in your email inbox, with a meditation and a word and picture. After reading the meditation, we’d love for you to snap a picture that reflects the theme or your response to it and post it to Instagram and other social media.

Please note that the emails will start arriving just before Advent and you may have to open a few emails before our system learns how to send at 5:00 am in your time zone. Each email will have an unsubscribe button so you can unsubscribe at anytime. Virginia Theological Seminary will not release your email to any other entity. Thank you for praying with us.