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#Journey December 2: The Very Rev. Ian Markham, Ph.D., Virginia Theological Seminary

#Watch December 3: Day Smith Pritchartt, VTS ‘99, Episcopal Evangelism Society

#Focus December 4: The Rev. Anne Fredericks Cooper, D.Min., VTS ’04, ’10,  Episcopal Diocese of Liberia

#Night December 5: The Rev. Amy Molina-Moore, VTS ‘15, St. Columba’s, Washington D.C.

#Light December 6: The Rev. Cn. Rosemary Mbongo, Anglican Church of Kenya

#Sprout December 7: KC Robertson, VTS ‘19, Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles

#Alert December 8: Br. Jim Woodrum, Society of Saint John the Evangelist

#Wild December 9: The Rev. Cn. Anne Kitch, Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem (PA)

#Cry December 10: The Rev. Susan Lukens, D.Min., VTS ‘11, St. George’s College, Jerusalem

#Go December 11: Lucinda Mosher, Th.D., Building Bridges Seminar, Georgetown University

#Rough December 12: The Rev. Oran Warder, VTS ‘88, St. Paul’s, Alexandria, Virginia

#Smooth December 13: The Rt. Rev. Skip Adams, VTS ‘80, The Episcopal Church in South Carolina

#Prune December 14: Stephen Cook, Ph.D., Virginia Theological Seminary

#Prepare December 15: The Rev. Leon Sampson, VTS ‘19, The Episcopal Church in Navajoland

#Rejoice December 16: The Rev. Cn. Anthony Guillén, Ethnic Ministries, The Episcopal Church

#Sing December 17: The Rev. Ginny Wilder, VTS ‘12, St. Anne’s Church, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

#Ancestor December 18: Andrew Arakawa, VTS ‘19, Episcopal Diocese of Hawai’i

#Wash December 19: Linda Dienno, Virginia Theological Seminary

#Ablaze December 20: Lifelong Learning Team, Virginia Theological Seminary

#Sign December 21: Serena Beeks, D.Min., VTS ‘09, Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles

#Expect December 22: The Rev. Russell Levenson, D.Min., VTS ‘92, St. Martin’s, Houston, Texas

#Persist December 23: The Rev. Prebendary Rose Hudson-Wilkin, Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons in the UK Parliament

#Peace December 24: Mildred Reyes, Episcopal Diocese of Washington

#Celebrate December 25: The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church

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