AdventWord 2023

December 3-25

Downloadable graphics and bulletin inserts for churches can be found below. Print inserts by late November to be ready for the first Sunday in Advent (December 3).

Graphics + Bulletin Inserts

An image containing the 2023 AdventWord prompt words

All-in-One Square image

Great for social media, email newsletters, adding to your bulletin design, or for colorful print outs!

Half Letter Bulletin insert

Two (2) per page.
Includes QR code link to daily meditations.

Full Letter Bulletin insert

One (1) per page.
Includes QR code link to daily meditations.

Daily Email

Sign up to receive the daily meditation and image from AdventWord every morning of Advent.

After reading the meditation, we’d love for you to share your thoughts and/or creative expressions on social media. Use #adventword to connect with others!

Thank you for praying with us.

Preparing the Way:
Christian Practices for Advent

This new devotional invites you into a more faith-filled observation of Advent and Christmas. Featuring meditations by Lindsay Barrett-Adler, Scott Gunn, Miriam McKenney, Hugo Olaiz, and Richelle Thompson.

For Christians, the season of Advent should be a time of reflection, of waiting and watching for Jesus's miraculous birth. But the secular world likes to elbow in, with Christmas displays appearing in late summer. The secular celebrations of the weeks before Christmas often whips us into a frenzy of shopping, decorating, baking, and scheduling encounters with Santa (and the elves!). But our faith beckons us to a gentler way, one focused on the divine.

These daily meditations invite you into a more faith-filled observation of Advent and Christmas. Some devotions explore traditional Christian ways to make the seasons, from the Advent wreath to Christmas pageants, from favorite hymns to setting up the creche. But on other days, the reflections offer ideas about how to infuse a sense of the holy into popular traditions such as decorating the tree, sending Christmas cards, and exchanging gifts.

Advent and Christmas Posters

Slow Down. Quiet. It's Advent.

Christmas. It's a Season.

These colorable calendar posters, with illustrations by Jay Sidebotham, suggest ways to mark the days through the seasons of Advent and Christmas. Sold in packs of 25 for only $15, these affordable handouts are perfect for the whole congregation!

Each poster is 17” x 22” (folded to 8.5” x 11”) for shipping.

Clergy + Educators

Ideas to invite your parish community to participate:

  • Download and print the bulletin inserts (above) and distribute them on the first Sunday of Advent.
  • Add AdventWord to your announcements on the first Sunday of Advent.
  • Ask your parishioners to participate on social media and tag your church account when they share.
  • Encourage them to find images that resonate with the word of the day from around your community.
  • Invite parishioners to visit the AdventWord website to read the daily meditations. Tip: our bulletin inserts have a QR code that links to the website and latest meditations. Scan the QR code with a smartphone camera for quick and easy navigation.
  • Encourage your parishioners to to sign up for the AdventWord email list to receive the daily meditations in their inbox.
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